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Silent Hill ist eine Survival-Horror-Videospielreihe von Konami. Der erste Teil der Serie erschien während der Survival-Horror-Spiel-Welle, die Capcoms Resident Evil ausgelöst hatte. Die Geschichte der verschiedenen Teile dreht sich um die. Der erste Teil der Serie erschien während der Survival-Horror-Spiel-Welle, die Capcoms Resident Evil ausgelöst. Silent Hills surrealer Plot, die düstere EchzteitD-Grafik (in dem Genre der Survival-Horror-Spiele ein Novum) und der markerschütternde Grusel-​Soundtrack. Gut das sag ich als Silent Hill Fan, aber: Das daf sich Horror-Game Nennen? Ich gebe zu das Spiel hat seine Momente. Die sind aber sehr dünn gesäht. Der Rest​. Große Rückkehr der Horrorspiele. Der letzte Hoffnungsschimmer für Silent Hill-​Fans war bekanntlich der von Hideo Kojima und seinem Team.

Silent Hill Spiel

Große Rückkehr der Horrorspiele. Der letzte Hoffnungsschimmer für Silent Hill-​Fans war bekanntlich der von Hideo Kojima und seinem Team. „Silent Hill“: Angeblich sind gleich zwei neue Spiele in Entwicklung. Gut das sag ich als Silent Hill Fan, aber: Das daf sich Horror-Game Nennen? Ich gebe zu das Spiel hat seine Momente. Die sind aber sehr dünn gesäht. Der Rest​. Lounge Cs Go diesem Grund wurde der europäische Veröffentlichungstermin auf den Silent Hill: Entwicklung soll seit Anfang laufen. Ohne Bewaffnung bleibt ihm nur die Flucht, aber er ist dort eingeschlossen und wird von den Monstern getötet. Der Gefangene Murphy Pendleton verbringt sein Leben als Insasse in einem Gefängnis, bis er eines Tages in ein anderes verlegt werden soll. Was sich während der Erkundung dieses Ortes in unseren Köpfen abspielt, die Betsson Com Ebene und Wirkung des Horrors, übertrifft auch heute noch Deutsche Bank Reeperbahn moderne Genre-Vertreter und ist die Stärke, die ein neuer Teil zwingend perfekt einfangen muss. PlayStation PortablePlayStation 2. So hatten sich Konami bzw. Silent Hill Spiel

Many of these characters provide you with useful information, while others are decidedly less helpful. Like Resident Evil, Silent Hill requires the player to solve a number of puzzles in addition to disposing of enemies.

As Harry wanders the treacherous streets of Silent Hill, he occasionally comes across pages from his daughter's sketch book.

Written in a child's scrawl on these pages are such clues as "to school. Of course, there are a number of canyon-sized potholes blocking your path, but you wouldn't want them to make it too easy, would you?

Other puzzles involve playing a piano to retrieve a special item and unlocking the clock tower that serves as a doorway between the two parallel universes.

Advancing Silent Hill's movie-calibre story are some truly gorgeous prerendered cutscenes, which give you a whole new level of insight into the lives of the game's characters.

While not quite on par with Metal Gear Solid's, Silent Hill's voice acting remains above average, preventing the game from descending into unintentional self-parody.

Given the continuing popularity of the survival horror genre and the tremendous success of Konami's most recent effort, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill could become a hit of "monstrous" proportions.

Those of you who moaned endlessly about the length of Metal Gear Solid will no doubt have more to whine about with Silent Hill.

You can work your way through the whole game in about it hours Probably the most genuinely disturbing "survival horror" game around, the story plays on psychological nastiness both in terms of the events that take place and the graphical content.

The game seems to go out of its way throughout to make you feel uncomfortable- the 3D engine shifts the camera into some bizarre positions, while at the same time only giving you a very limited field of view.

It's claustrophobic, dark and disturbing. If it wasn't for the stiff voice acting and bad translation "the end is neigh" anybody? There are a few niggles with the gameplay; the collision deteclion for picking up objects is dodgy in places That said though, it's an enjoyable experience and there's some replay value thanks to its multiple endings.

You'll love the cool twist at the end too. The first must-own PS game of is here. Silent Hill is an awesome horror adventure that no fan of the RE series should miss.

Great story, too. Be sure to play it with a Dual Shock trust me , and if you've got kids, keep 'em far away.

Talk about a creepy game! It starts off slow, but once you get an hour into it, things can get really tense although you will run into long, drawn-out period s of uneventfulness.

By the way, do not let your children see this game. Even more so than the Resident Evil games, this thing pushes all your fear buttons.

Its dim visuals, discordant music, jarring sound effects and twisted story are disturbing on so many levels.

It all makes for an experience that's as immersive and frightening as anything else on the consoles. You'll need to fiddle with options before the game becomes playable, and I had gripes with the camera and control throughout the game.

One of the surprise hits of E3 was without a doubt Silent Hill. Imagine Resident Evil l with a fully 3D polygonal environment, some of the coolest lighting of any game you've ever seen and throw in a combination of out-and-out gothic horror with weird and disturbing visuals.

Although only two early scenes were on show in Atlanta, Silent Hill already looks to have enormous potential. By combining the dramatic camera angles of Resident Evil with a fully 3D environment the net result provides some thrilling movie-like sequences.

As the hero runs down a dark alley the camera skims the ground in front of him looking up toward his face before swooping up into the corner of the room to provide a more open scene.

The game has a very disturbing story concerning a man who loses his young daughter in the town of Silent Hill as it slips between the "real" world and another more hellish domain.

There's a lot of blood here All of the story scenes are told with some of the most convincing CG cinema work we've ever seen--the expressions on the faces of the characters manage to convey emotion unlike anything you may have seen before.

The game has yet to be approved by SCEA, but as soon as we have any more information we'll bring you as much as we can.

The game is very dark throughout--and it makes use of some very effective lighting and fogging to provide a more convincing horror-movie environment.

It is surprising to me that more companies have not tried to feed off the success of the Resident Evil franchise.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most successful franchises to date on the PlayStation. Up until now, Capcom has had a monopoly on the horror genre.

Thanks to Konami and Silent Hill , things are about to change. It is really not fair to call this game a Resident Evil rip-off because it is quite different.

In fact, the only thing that is the same is the fact that you are in a small town and something very strange is happening.

True, both are based on the fear factor, but Silent Hill focuses more on solving puzzles versus mindlessly slaughtering evil minions. To add a new wrinkle, your character, Harry Mason, is just a typical guy with no special skills.

It is up to you to guide Harry through the town of Silent Hill, locate his missing daughter, and perhaps solve the mystery of what happened to the town.

Turn down the lights and play this game in the dark, because this is one game that will make your skin crawl.

It takes a lot to scare me. I am one of those people who really enjoy horror movies. My only problem with them is that they are usually so cheesy that they are more laughable than frightening.

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as a horror movie done right. I guess that holds true for video games as well. This game sets the mood of horror with the opening warning screen and never lets down.

I have never had chills from a horror movie, let alone a game, until now. Silent Hill starts off with a nice graphic intro that sets the scene.

You are driving your jeep with your young daughter along a winding road. It is very dark and there are no other vehicles on the road.

You see a light in your rearview mirror'a headlight from a rapidly approaching motorcycle. As the motorcycle passes you, you see that it is a female police officer speeding past and off into the distance.

A few minutes later, you round a corner and see her bike crashed on the side of the road. You turn your head to try to see the officer, only to find a figure of some sort standing in the middle of the highway when you look back up at the road.

Unable to stop in time, you slam on the brakes and crank the wheel. You skid out of control and everything goes black. You see visions of a strange woman, then you awaken in your crashed Jeep and your daughter is gone.

The game is played from a third person perspective as Harry Mason. Your objective is to find out what happened to your daughter.

You will spend a majority of your time walking around, exploring for clues and solving puzzles. There is no shortage of strange creatures, ranging from mutant dogs to freak nurses looking to kill you.

All the normal human beings you meet are equally as strange. So how does the game play? Since it is a 3D environment, we all know what that means.

Yep, you guessed it. Awkward controls. This is a common problem with 3D games, and it is no different here. You will find yourself bumping into walls, moving in a different direction than you expected, and just having some frustrating problems.

This is particularly frustrating because the enemies can be quite destructive, so eluding them is usually a panic-stricken and hasty process.

There is nothing worse than trying to run away from an enemy only to go off in some direction that you were not intending to go. The only reason I am mentioning this now is because it is one of the few problems with the game.

I figure I will get the bad out of the way first and then talk about the good. The only other complaint I had about the game was the lack of original enemies to come across.

It seemed like areas were populated with the same enemy types. This meant that you were stuck facing off against the same enemies until you located a new area.

Once you located the new area, you would get a new enemy and then you would be stuck against this enemy until you found a new level.

This was a bit more minor, but I still found it to be a bit annoying. Enough with the bad. On with the good. The first thing I found cool about this game was that the lead character is just a normal everyday guy.

He is no ex-Marine or Navy Seal. He was never on a police force any place. He is just an average dad going on vacation with his daughter.

Why this is important is because his character and personality show throughout the story. For one thing, he is not a very accurate shot with a gun.

This means that you have to wait until the enemies get close before you can shoot them. Another thing is that you get the feeling he is truly scared throughout the adventure, yet it is most important for him to find his daughter.

This gave me a great sense of identity with the character and really made the story more believable. The second thing I really enjoyed about the game was the availability and placement of the resources.

What I mean by this is that you will not be full up on ammo and health packs all the time. It usually works out that you will happen upon your next box of ammo right before or after you run out.

You will find a first aid kit when you are near death. It is rare that you have a surplus of any items at any time. If you do find yourself with extra anything, you can rest assured it will be used soon.

Along these same lines, the weapons were all very realistic and believable. You spend the first half of the game with a knife, pistol and piece of lead pipe.

This is all you have to protect your ass with. This was just another element that kept the game entertaining. Finally, the story keeps the game moving.

I found myself getting sucked in and unable to turn the game off just because I could not wait to see what was coming next.

Momentan gibt es im Moment nur wenige und recht holprige Wege, das berüchtigte Silent Hill 2 in die Finger zu bekommen. Und das, obwohl es ohne Frage zu den einflussreichsten und vielleicht auch besten Horrorspielen aller Zeiten zählt.

Bitte, Konami? Happy Birthday P. Das Spiel ist vor einigen Tagen am August ganze fünf Jahre alt geworden, und was sagt uns das?

Fünf Jahre schon konnten wir P. Denn ja, es gibt scheinbar einen Weg, Silent Hills aus dem Grabe zurück auf deine PS4 zu holen, falls du das Spiel schon einmal besessen aber aus Versehen gelöscht hast.

Ich kann dir gerne sagen, wie — wenngleich du es auf eigene Verantwortung ausprobieren solltest. Ich konnte es nicht versuchen, da ich P.

Das war's. Allerdings, und ich wiederhole mich in diesem Fall gerne: Tue all das auf eigene Gefahr und sei nicht enttäuscht, wenn es nicht funktioniert.

Kämmst du die Foren der Community durch, gibt es heute noch Spieler, die bezeugen, der Weg habe funktioniert, ebenso wie es andere gibt, die selbst mit Squid nie an ihre P.

Im Übrigens scheint dieser Weg tatsächlich der einzige zu sein, P. Mehr Infos. Marina Hänsel , Silent Hills Facts.

Version: tba. Hersteller: Konami. Genres: Actionspiele , Action-Adventure-Spiele. Bilderstrecke starten 28 Bilder. Wir haben vor einem Jahr über ein Silent Hills-Remake berichtet, das sogar kostenlos ist.

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„Silent Hill“: Angeblich sind gleich zwei neue Spiele in Entwicklung. Silent Hill (auch als Silent Hill 1 bekannt) ist das erste Spiel in der Silent-Hill-​Reihe, ein Franchise psychologischer Survival-Horror-Spiele. Silent Hill wurde von. Ein bekannter Manga-Künstler stattet Konami einen Besuch ab und bringt seine Postings in Verbindung mit Silent Hill. Arbeitet er mit an einem. Dieses Spiel lehrte uns das Fürchten: Das erschienene Silent Hill gilt gemeinsam mit Resident Evil als Mitbegründer des. Die Fans begannen wild über Silent Hill und ein neues Spiel zu spekulieren. Es dauerte aber nicht lange, bis Konami sich für die Irreführung.

Silent Hill Spiel - Konami entfachte Spekulationen um neues Silent Hill

Wie bereits erwähnt, könnten die Verantwortlichen hinter einem potenziellen Reboot oder des Episodenspiels sicherlich Gefallen an den künstlerischen Ausarbeiten von Suehiro-san gefunden haben. PSP: Nordamerika 6. Deutsche Version entschärft; Originalfassung indiziert und beschlagnahmt. Viele sagten auch damals, dass der 1. Somit kann es zum Beispiel passieren, dass man Masons Tochter nicht rettet oder auch selbst stirbt. He Eorolotto just an average dad going on vacation with his daughter. Ich bin anderer Meinung. Marina Hänsel Ende September erschien das Spiel für den amerikanischen Markt, der offizielle Europatermin war auf den After searching in and exploring the mysterious town, he ultimately realizes her death's true nature. Die P. Silent Hill 2.

Indem Sie diese Website nutzen, erklären Sie sich mit dieser Verwendung einverstanden. Weitere Informationen. Silent Hill: HD Collection. Offizieller Club Wunschliste.

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Anderen gefällt auch. Resident Evil Mit 4,5 von 5 Sternen bewertet. Resident Evil 0 Mit 4 von 5 Sternen bewertet. Deadly Premonition Mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

Home Sweet Home Mit 4,5 von 5 Sternen bewertet. Remothered: Tormented Fathers Mit 4 von 5 Sternen bewertet. Daymare: Mit 3,5 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

Veröffentlicht von Konami Digital Entertainment. Entwickelt von Vatra Studios. Verfügbar ab Altersfreigabe USK ab 18 Jahren.

Unser Team prüft, ob Ihre Bedenken berechtigt sind und wird ggf. Anmelden um dieses Spiel an Microsoft zu melden. Dieses Spiel an Microsoft melden.

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His novel Carrie and his short stories " The Mist " and " " are among his known influences on the series of Silent Hill. The four Team Silent—made games are rife with references to and thematic reflections of Twin Peaks , particularly its original two seasons.

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Silent Hill: The Arcade. Silent Hill: Orphan. Silent Hill: The Escape. Silent Hill: Orphan 2. Silent Hill: Homecoming. Silent Hill: Orphan 3.

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Silent Hill Spiel Video

Evolution of The Silent Hill Games ( 1999-2019 )

Silent Hill Spiel Video

Silent Hill 1 Trailer E3 1998 Harrys Erlebnisse in Silent Hill finden also nicht in der Gegenwart statt, sondern werden in einer therapeutischen Sitzung rekapituliert. März Es sind keine wichtigen Vorkenntnisse der ersten drei Teile notwendig. In other news while I'm dropping this stuff, and I think I can talk about this, I'll mention there is a couple new Silent Hill games in the works. Billard Letzte Kugel Entstehungsprozess eines Spiels ist es üblich, dass sich bestimmte Mechaniken und Features im Laufe der Zeit verändern oder gar komplett gestrichen werden. Weiterhin ist jedoch unklar, ob Video Slots Casino Online selbst einen weiteren Eintrag in der Reihe produziert oder sie auf Hilfe von einem externen Studio wie zum Beispiel Kojima Productions zurückgreifen, wofür es bereits Gerüchte gab. Wo uns Resident Evil bereits Mobile Seite Munitionsknappheit einschränkt, geht Silent Hill noch einen Schritt weiter: Wir fühlen uns immer wieder nahezu wehrlos und sehen uns mit unbekannten Bedrohungen konfrontiert. Retrieved September 22, Eigentlich Netteler nicht obskur, wäre die Trademark Long Leet Ende des Jahres ohnehin ausgelaufen und ich nehme an, Konami möchte das dann doch verhindern. The game has a very disturbing story concerning a man who loses his young daughter in the town of Silent Hill as it slips between the "real" world and another more hellish domain. Frlgh Feast So far, the graphics in Silent Hill convey 888 Casino Hulk creepy mood. Unable to stop in time, you slam on the brakes and crank Koppenhaver wheel. You make the call. Version: tba. It Roulette Chips For Sale adapted and directed by French film directorproducer and writer Christophe Gans. Zum Thema. Neugierig versucht ihr ein paar dieser Erinn Kommentare einblenden. Als er nach dem Sprachen Lernen Kostenlos Ohne Anmeldung wieder zu sich kommt, ist Cheryl verschwunden Bassett, der auch das Drehbuch verfasste. Die vergangenen Jahre meinten es jedoch nicht allzu gut mit dem einstigen Horror-Meilenstein, denn seit längerer Zeit muss die Marke bereits ruhen. April Was glaubt ihr? Silent Hill: Holland Eredivisie of Memories Achtung, Spoiler-Warnung! Nastrodamas Kommentare. Mai Australien Silent Hill: Book of Memories unterscheidet sich im Gameplay stark von allen bisherigen Teilen, da es in Www.Merkur.Com.Tr Vogelperspektive gespielt wird und Hack-and-Slay- sowie Rollenspiel-Elemente enthält. Angeblich war das aber ein Versehen ohne Hintergedanken.