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Die vier frühreifen Grundschüler Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski und Kenny McCormick nehmen jede erdenklich Randgruppe aufs Korn und verspotten Berühmtheiten wie Politiker und Reality-Stars auf ungeheuerlichste. Das offizielle South Park Wiki ist ein von der Community erstelltes Archiv aller Das Wiki enthält ausführliche Infos zu Folgen, Handlungen, Charakteren. Dieser Artikel beschreibt die wichtigsten Figuren der Zeichentrickserie South Park. Laut den Machern von South Park basiert Eric Cartman auf der Figur Archie Bunker aus All in the Family. Dr. Gouache ist der Chef-Doktor in South Park. Die Serie dreht sich um das Leben der vier acht- bis zehnjährigen, frühreifen Jungen Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman und Kenny McCormick. Beliebte Seiten. Kenny McCormick Eric Cartman Stan Marsh Kyle Broflovski Towelie Mysterion Randy Marsh Tweek Tweak.

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Die Serie dreht sich um das Leben der vier acht- bis zehnjährigen, frühreifen Jungen Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman und Kenny McCormick. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "south park figuren". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. GRATIS-​Versand. Eric Cartman. Kenny McCormick. Stan Marsh. Wendy Testaburger. Kyle Broflovski. Token Black. Butters Stotch. Motiv: Southpark. Material: % Polyester. Shoe Salesman Insecurity. Randy Marsh. Rex Clyde's Dog. Chad's Parents. Der unreif wirkende Randy agiert des Öfteren melodramatisch und neigt zu Übertreibungen in Einschätzungen von Situationen, Trends, Neuigkeiten und Gefahren, weswegen er häufig ausgerechnet von seinem Sohn wieder zur Vernunft gebracht werden muss. Richard Adler. Wenn Kyle Www.Merkur Bank.De moralischen Fehltritten seines Vaters auf die Schliche kommt, verwirrt ihn dieser mit komplexen Anekdoten der menschlichen Gesellschaft. Marty and Postman.

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Alle machen sich über ihn lustig, weil er Jude ist. Betsy Rebuy App Android Hobby Enthusiast Clerk. Sie hat voluminöses gelbes Haar und eine Abneigung gegen Eric Cartman. Als herauskommt, dass es ein Handtuch ist, wird ein Lynchversuch gestartet. Denny's Waiter. Commons Wikiquote. Southpark Charaktere

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Top 10 Best South Park Characters Top-Angebote für Southpark-Figuren & -Merchandising online entdecken South Park 10“ Ltd. Angel Kenny McCormick Plush Eric Cartman Eric Cartman ist "der Fettwanst" in der Gruppe, und die anderen machen sich ständig über ihn und sein Gewicht lustig. Als Scott Tenorman ihn um. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "south park figuren". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. GRATIS-​Versand. Spielzeugfiguren & -charaktere South Park: Die rektakuläre Zerreißprobe - Figur Professor POP South Park Chef Vinyl FIGU. Lizzy wurde von Mona Marshall gesprochen, die seit der 4. Staffel viele weibliche Figuren übernommen hat. South Park Charakter Portrait. Loogie. Episoden-Pics.

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Betsy Donovan. BBC Reporter. Cave Rescue team Manbearpig. Mable Gonzalez. Pueblo Dad. Christmas Family Grandma. Nun Canada On Strike. Pete and his friend. Online Sprachen Lernen Kostenlos Ohne Anmeldung — Der Film. The Knitts Family. Main article: List of recurring South Park characters. Danny Ray Johnston. In späteren Folgen haben Tom und Tammy ein inzestuöses Verhältnis. Father Schnell Geld Verdienen Legal. Retrieved November 8, Liane lands here mostly because of her relationship with her son, which verges on toxic. Father Maxi. Perfume Salewoman Insecurity. Enchorito Mark and Wife. British Miapuesta Worker. Teen Boy. Chartplatzierungen Slizzing Hot Chomikuj der Daten. Unnamed Girl 1. Marsh scheiden und hatte eine Midlife-Crisis. Stu, of Stu's Firework Shack. Laut Cartman sind alle "Ginger Kids" mit der sogenannten "Gingeritits"-Krankheit geboren, die daher kommt, dass sie keine Seele haben. Black-Haired Nurse. Short Blonde-Haired Girl. Kyle ist der Cousin von Kyle Broflovski. Blonde Boy With Freckles. Commander Six Nstions. Slavethe former gay lover of Mr. Da Saddam versucht, den neuen Liebhaber Satans Chris umzubringen, weist Satan ihn ab und entscheidet sich, zunächst keine Beziehung mehr führen zu wollen. The episode " Gluten Free Ebola " revealed that Randy produces music and performs as the noted musician Lordea fact that was explored subsequently in " The Cissy ". John Postem. Nichole kommt neu in die vierte Freeslots World Book Of Ra der South-Park-Grundschule. Nathan's Mom.

They killed Kenny! Kyle Broflovski is one of the show's four central characters and is voiced by and loosely based on series co-creator Matt Stone.

This has resulted in both his eagerness to fit in, and his resentment and frustration. These traits are significantly augmented in later seasons as his character evolves, and he begins to exhibit psychopathic and extremely manipulative behavior.

He is depicted as highly intelligent , able to execute morally appalling plans and business ideas with success. Among the show's main child characters, Cartman is distinguished as "the fat kid", [2] for which he is continuously insulted and ridiculed.

Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick is one of the shows' main characters who debuted in the short. His oft-muffled and indiscernible speech—the result of his parka hood covering his mouth—is voiced by co-creator Matt Stone.

His character no longer dies each week, and has only been killed occasionally in episodes following his return. It is revealed that each time he dies, Kenny's mom spontaneously gives birth to him, and then is put back in his orange parka and in bed, to regenerate overnight.

Voiced by Matt Stone ; Leopold "Butters" Stotch is cheerful, naive, optimistic, sweet-natured, gullible and more passive relative to the show's other child characters, and can become increasingly anxious, especially when faced with the likelihood of his parents' punishments, which is usually being grounded, usually, for no good reason, such as when Butters threatened to "kill" himself as part of a scheme by Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, and his parents said they would "only" ground him for two weeks if he came down.

Butters usually doesn't indulge in a foul-mouthed language like the other children and speaks with a mild stutter and tends to fidget with his hands.

The other characters perceive him as "nerdy" and he obliviously maintains a very wholesome attitude and mild disposition despite the tragedy and abuse that he frequently encounters from both his classmates and parents.

His happy-go-lucky persona has been described as resembling that of a typical s sitcom child character and is usually presented in stark contrast to the harsh treatment he receives at the hands of his friends and strict parents, Butters appeared initially as a background character in first the episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", but gradually became one of Parker and Stone's favorite characters.

Besides wanting to genuinely surprise fans, Parker and Stone killed Kenny at the end of season five to allow an opportunity to provide a major role for Butters, as his following episode, revolves entirely around him.

Stan, Kyle, and Cartman allow him into their group as the "fourth friend", but eventually adopts his super-villain alter ego of Professor Chaos, whom, in spite of his name, only seems to be able to screw things up that either nobody takes notice of, or can be easily resolved.

Despite this, Butters has continued to be a major character in recent seasons and continues to be a frequent source of help to Cartman, while also being the main victim of Cartman's constant pranking and manipulation.

Randy and Sharon Marsh are the most prominent set of parents on the show. They are a middle-class married couple who raise their year-old son Stan and year-old daughter Shelly.

Randy is 45 years old, and like Parker's father, is a geologist , making his first appearance in the series while monitoring a seismometer in the episode " Volcano ".

Geological Survey. He was briefly fired from his geologist job near the end of the 12th season, and quit briefly during the end of the 14th season, but has since been-rehired both times.

He also serves on the city council , specializing in the town's parks and public grounds. A recurring character trait of Randy's is his being prone to overreacting and obsessively seizing upon irrational ideas and fads, whether by himself or as part of a large contingent of the town's adult population.

Though the show frequently depicts him to be a moderate to heavy drinker, numerous episodes have dealt with Randy's belligerent and negligent behavior brought upon by his severe intoxication.

A few instances of personal achievement have made Randy a hero in the eyes of his friends and fellow townsfolk, such as being awarded a Nobel Prize , and twice setting a record for producing the world's largest piece of human excrement.

Randy has conversely been subjected to ridicule from the entire town, ranging from when he inadvertently accelerated the effects of global warming by suggesting the entire populace take on a more uninhibited approach to passing gas in order to avoid the hazard of spontaneous combustion , to when he reluctantly exclaimed " niggers " while attempting to solve a puzzle during a live broadcast of Wheel of Fortune.

In addition to the professional singing he did in his youth, Randy can also play guitar, as seen in " Guitar Queer-O ". He can also speak a little Mongolian, having learned some in college, as seen in the episode " Child Abduction Is Not Funny ".

The episode " Gluten Free Ebola " revealed that Randy produces music and performs as the noted musician Lorde , a fact that was explored subsequently in " The Cissy ".

This has become a running gag that has continued through multiple episodes, such as suggesting much of the Marsh family's income comes from his music career as Lorde rather than his geology job.

As of season 22, Randy quit his job and moved the family to the countryside where he sets up Tegridy Farms to grow and distribute cannabis.

Sharon is a year-old receptionist. Herbert J. Garrison is particularly cynical , especially in comparison with the rest of South Park's adults, and he is one of the few characters to ever break the fourth wall on the show.

For the first eight seasons of the series, the character was known as Mr. He underwent a sex change in the season 9 premiere " Mr.

Garrison's Fancy New Vagina ". The character was thereafter known to the other characters as Janet Garrison or Mrs.

Garrison, despite being unmarried. In the season 12 episode " Eek, a Penis! Garrison was in part inspired by a kindergarten teacher who taught Trey Parker, and who used a puppet named Mr.

Hat as a teaching resource. Garrison was also inspired by a British literature professor Parker had at the University of Colorado ; Parker said the voice he uses for the character is a dead-accurate impression of him.

Parker said he believes Mr. Garrison has become one of the most complex characters on South Park , particularly due to his ever-growing relationship with Mr.

Hat and his sexuality and gender issues; Parker said of Mr. Garrison, "He's the soap opera element to the whole series.

Wendy Testaburger is the show's most prominent female student. Her best friend is Bebe Stevens , she is the on-and-off girlfriend of Stan.

She is also the other voice of reason besides Kyle. Fellow co-creator Matt Stone has also cited the name of Wendy Westerberg, the wife of an old friend from his childhood.

She has long black hair with uneven bangs. Wendy made her first appearance unnamed, but clearly recognizable, in " The Spirit of Christmas ".

Like her boyfriend Stan, Wendy is mature for her age, critical of popular trends, moral and intellectual, as well as being a feminist , as noted in many of her appearances.

She campaigns in several episodes on causes such as breast cancer and the suffering of Bottlenose dolphins , often arguing with Eric Cartman who calls her a "bitch" or "ho" in response.

Although the two generally only argue, he pushes her to the limit in the Season 12 episode " Breast Cancer Show Ever " wherein the two engage in a fight on the playground, in which Wendy badly beats up Cartman.

Wendy is known to be protective of her relationship with Stan. In the Season 1 episode " Tom's Rhinoplasty " when Stan, along with the other boys, falls in love with an attractive substitute teacher, Wendy accuses her of stealing Stan from her, and eventually formulates a complex plan to get her thrown into the sun.

She also sometimes displays jealousy — in the Season 6 episode " Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society ", her best friend, Bebe Stevens, receives more attention than she does because of Bebe's developing breasts.

Wendy then gets breast implants, but the boys end up ridiculing her after only just realizing the control Bebe's breasts had on them.

This behavior is somewhat contradicted by episodes such as " Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset " and " Dances with Smurfs " where she is more concerned with principles than trends and attention.

Wendy is very prominent in the show's earlier seasons, usually quarreling with Eric Cartman or reinforcing her relationship with Stan. She speaks in several episodes especially in the first season and is often chosen to help the boys out over her classmates.

Wendy and Stan's relationship received less focus over the course of the Season 5 , and she has only one minor role in Season 6 This culminates in her breakup with Stan and pairing with Token Black in " Raisins ", after which she makes only scattered prominent appearances until the end of the eleventh season, where she gets back together with Stan in " The List ".

They subsequently pair up as partners on a field trip in " Super Fun Time ", she beats Cartman in a fight in " Breast Cancer Show Ever " and in the episode " Elementary School Musical " Stan suspects that she may leave him for a popular boy called Bridon.

Wendy is able to kiss Stan on the cheek in " Elementary School Musical " without his previous nauseated reaction. Wendy was voted student council president, something first noted in " Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society " and re-addressed seven seasons later in " Dances with Smurfs ", when Cartman becomes the morning announcer and starts spreading defaming comments about her—most notably her supposed genocide of the Smurfs.

In response to the allegations, Wendy becomes a guest on Cartman's morning show and manipulates his own story of the Smurf holocaust before announcing her resignation and electing him as the new school council president, effectively relieving him of his morning announcement job.

Throughout the episode, Stan solidly defends her. A few characters have had a major recurring role in the past episodes in the show before they were either killed or retired.

Cartman is a South Park fan favorite, [32] and is often described as the most famous character from the series.

I'm going home! Burns of The Simpsons in , MSNBC 's Brian Bellmont described Cartman as a "bundle of pure, unadulterated evil all wrapped up in a fat—er, big-boned—cartoony package" who "takes a feral delight in his evildoing".

While Parker and Stone portray Stan and Kyle as having common childlike tendencies, their dialogue is often intended to reflect stances and views on more adult-oriented issues, and have been subject to much critical analysis in the media and literary world and have frequently been cited in publications by experts in the fields of politics , religion , popular culture and philosophy.

Kenny's deaths have been subject to much critical analysis in the media and literary world. The characters of the South Park franchise have spawned several merchandise items, varying from toys to apparel items.

In , the first action figure collection was released by Mirage Toys containing five series each with four characters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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GivingTuesday Hi South Park fans. Someone who is part of our extended family could use your help. Matt Karpman was the inspiration for the name of one of our more famous South Park characters.

Matt is an awesome guy and we want to do something for him and his family. Please check out their GoFundMe […].

Stranger Sign in, buddy. We never would have had the Muhammad controversies if South Park had never put Jesus on the screen.

No character is more thoroughly South Park than Mr. His appearance in the Season 1 Christmas special that bears his name was the most absurd thing the show had done to that point, a capstone on a group of episodes that had to that point featured a gay dog, an elephant having sex with a pig, and angry parents catapulting themselves to their deaths against a TV network building.

Those other things made strong points, but a talking piece of shit reached a new level of gross. That South Park was able to use said talking piece of shit to make a cogent point about religion was a real eye-opener to the critical and popular viewing community.

Hankey blew the doors of possibility wide open. Guess that one regeneration at the end of Season 5 took a long time.

So what do we make of the little boy in the parka? I think the fact that his many deaths have become a cultural touchstone push him higher on this list than he would otherwise fall.

When Timmy burst onto the scene in Season 4, he represented a major step forward in the depiction of profoundly disabled people on television.

No show had ever featured a character with his sort of handicap before, much less done so in a way that normalized the handicap.

Randy would still be hilarious if he were single, but many of his funniest moments come out of the situation of his marriage.

Garrison has actually undergone significant change over the past twenty years. In the early days, he filled the role in which Randy currently stars: batshit crazy adult.

Then there was the whole seasons-long arc concerning his sexuality, which provided for some classic moments and allowed for us to meet Mr.

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